Client Testimonials

 Here are some of the companies I work with:

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header-logoGenie Scientific approached Bodies and Minds at Work in early 2011 for help after their business noticed an increase in employee injuries and workers compensation claims.

The CEO and owner of Genie scientific, Moya O’neil, has experienced the health benefits of Pilates in her personal life and saw an opportunity to use a weekly Pilates class to mitigate employee injuries and increase overall workplace health.

Genie Scientific first implemented our weekly Group Stretching Class for the manufacturing staff, and later added a weekly Beginning Pilates Mat Class for their office staff.

The Pilates workout was initiated with the labor force in mind – manufacturing, production and installation. Our employees noticed the difference in their body when the workday started and ended with it. Allison’s impeccable knowledge helped educate everyone and made them more conscience with their physical actions. Injuries are at a low and the moral is at a high.

The Pilates workout was so successful, we extended it to the office employees.  Private lessons help them receive the attention they need from Allison, along with a lot of Q&A.  Knowing everyone, there is a level of comfort, so intensifying the workout isn’t embarrassing for anyone.  While training, her analogies were easy to understand and helped paint a visual picture.  Another key quality is her communication skills.  I highly recommend the Pilates workout for laborers and office workers.

Genie Scientific | Fountain Valley, CA |






Pilates is for anyone anywhere. Every human being benefits from Pilates. We all have to work and no matter what we do, life takes its toll on our bodies. Without taking time to breathe, focus, and move in our own skin, we slowly regress back into the fetal position. Pilates is what brings us back to life.

As a Certified Pilates Instructor/Personal Trainer and Fitness Supervisor at the largest all women’s gym and day spa in California, I see first hand how many people are awakened and renewed from Pilates. They don’t just see the results in their flat tummies, they are forever thankful for the vitality and balance they have achieved.

Holly Salazar | Irvine, CA |



After years of Pilates trainers, I struck gold.  Allison Gomes not only loves training but also has the innate ability to ask the right questions and pull from her library of Pilates exercises a variety of solutions to a given problem. With her guidance, my back has flattened and spine straightened, overall body strength and flexibility is the best I have experienced in my 60+ years, and I look forward to continuing on this path to a lifetime of good health.

I am self-employed and earn every dollar I have.  Pilates with Allison has been the best investment and the smartest thing I have done for myself and my body.

Gail Sahara | Private Client